Didac trainer is a complete solution consisting of both authoring tools and system for managing courses and participants.

With Didac trainer, you can manage all types of training activities in your business – online courses, micro courses, tests, classroom courses and a lot more. The solution is 100% online based and is currently used by over 125 customers, ranging from small businesses to large corporations.

Why didac trainer?

One of the strengths of Didac trainer is that the authoring tools and the management part of the system (LMS), are included in the platform. In practice, this means that you don’t have to upload SCORM packages, or need to upload courses when changes have been made – just make the change, save them, and then the course is up to date.

All tools included
Didac trainer contains advanced and user-friendly authoring tools. With these tools, you can create everything from small micro courses, to more interactive online courses and training programs.

  • Micro course
  • Interactive course
  • Test
  • Survey
  • Written assignment
  • Classroom courses
  • Check – task

User friendly reports
Get a quick overview of completed training, whether it’s micro courses or complete training programs.

Integration – user information
Didac trainer can be integrated with other systems for exchange of user data and course history. For example, payroll systems, HR systems or various competence solutions.

Over 125 companies
Today, there are just over 125 companies that use Didac trainer as their platform for the production, distribution and follow-up of online learning, both private companies from various industries, and public enterprises.

Start tomorrow!
Didac trainer is a cloud solution (SaaS) and it`s ready to use in a few hours. A start page with corporate design needs to be set up, and then you are ready to start developing content.

Main features of Didac trainer