In Didac trainer, you can develop everything from small micro courses to complete training programs, tests and surveys, and manage classroom courses, certifications and competency profiles.

Create learning content

  • Micro courses (short courses, 2-5 minutes)
  • Online courses (interactive online courses, 15 – 40 minutes)
  • Tests
  • Surveys
  • Check – work task
  • Written assignment
  • Training programmes (consisting of micro courses, online courses, tests, surveys, classroom courses and so on).

Classroom courses

  • Time, location, number of attendees, accommodation, participation, waiting lists, etc.
  • Get notifications


  • Training with expiration date
  • Both internal and external certifications Get notifications as the certificate nears expiration date

Learning Experience (LXP)

  • Suggest learning content (films, links, documents, websites, etc.)
  • Share content
  • Set score and rating

Competence profiles

  • Set requirements for competence in different positions/roles
  • Get an overview of your own competence profile – what is the requirement and what is missing?
  • Profile reports

Mandatory training

  • Set requirements
  • Set automatic alerts for effective follow-up
  • Manage target audience

Training offering – catalog

  • Publish content to the course catalog and tag the content
  • Manage target audience

Message plan

  • Set a plan for when messages and (if required) online courses will be distributed to the audience

Reporting and statistics

  • Custom and standard reports
  • Different report levels (company, department, position, employee)